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The Celebrity 100 {2007}

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  • The Celebrity 100 {2007}

    Here we go again

    #100 Bobby Flay

    Power Rank 100
    Pay $2 mil
    Category: ChefsPay Rank99Web Rank99Press Rank95TV/Radio Rank83
    The handsome grilling gourmet parlayed his success as a top New York City chef into celebrity with Food Network shows like Boy Meets Grill and Iron Chef. He first burst onto the scene in 1993 after being named the James Beard Foundation's 'Rising Star Chef of the Year.' Flay also brings his signature southwestern style to CBS' Early Show as resident chef.
    Ryan Seacrest
    Bill Clinton
    Tom Cruise
    David Beckham
    Donald Trump
    Grey's Anatomy cast
    Oprah Winfrey
    Kobe Bryant

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    #99 Paula Deen

    Power Rank 99
    Pay $4 mil

    Category: Chefs Pay Rank 96
    Web Rank 94
    Press Rank 96
    TV/Radio Rank 91

    The so-called Queen of Southern Cuisine is the Food Network's latest rising star thanks to her generous helpings of motherly charm—and butter. ('I'm your cook, not your nurse,' she often chides.) Her burgeoning empire includes a popular bimonthly magazine, four bestselling cookbooks, a memoir and spin-off show for her two sons.


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      you guys should really ban me lol i didn't know you guys have a celeb section.


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        #98 Hayden Panettiere

        Power Rank 98
        Pay $2 mil
        Category: Kid Stars

        Pay Rank 99
        Web Rank 71
        Press Rank 97
        TV/Radio Rank 94

        The breakout star of NBC's hit series Heroes. Her role as cheerleader Claire Bennett helped land the 17-year-old a role in Fireflies in the Garden, a little film with big names (Julia Roberts and Willem Dafoe), slated for release next year. Additionally, her debut album drops this summer. Gossipmongers are already placing bets on whether Panettiere, a recent paparazzi favorite, will follow in the hard-partying footsteps of famous flameouts like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.'


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          #97 Emma Watson

          Power Rank 97
          Pay $4 mil
          Category: Kid Stars

          Pay Rank 96
          Web Rank 62
          Press Rank 99
          TV/Radio Rank 93

          The 17-year-old actress plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Following media reports that she would bow out from the series, she scored an estimated $4 million for the latest Potter flick, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. No word on whether she'll resume acting after she graduates from Hogwarts.'


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            #96 Mitch Albom

            Power Rank 96
            Pay $6 mil
            Category: Authors

            Pay Rank 93
            Web Rank 88
            Press Rank 81
            TV/Radio Rank 89

            The author of nine novels is a master of treacly narratives. His latest title, For One More Day, released last September, has four million copies in print. Along with venti frappuccinos, the novel was on the menu at Starbucks outlets thanks to a landmark deal he signed with the coffee chain. Albom is also a sports and 'Sunday Issues' columnist for the Detroit Free Press, as well as a contributing editor to Parade magazine.


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              #95 Danica Patrick

              Power Rank 95
              Pay $5 mil
              Category: Athletes

              Pay Rank 94
              Web Rank 97
              Press Rank 70
              TV/Radio Rank 60

              Two years ago, Patrick burst onto the sporting scene when she became the first woman to hold the lead during the Indianapolis 500. But the real money didn't roll in until she signed up with Andretti Green Racing for the 2007 season. Despite having never won a race, her popularity with fans makes her one of the highest-paid drivers in the sport. Endorsement deals include Peak Antifreeze, Tissot watches, Hostess and Mr. Clean.


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                Paula Deen eeeeeewwwww
                نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران

                «در زندگی زخم*هايی هست که مثل خوره روح را آهسته در انزوا می*خورد و می*تراشد.»
                صادق هدايت؛ بوف کور


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                  #94 Dakota Fanning

                  Power Rank 94
                  Pay $4 mil
                  Category: Kid Stars

                  Pay Rank 96
                  Web Rank 70
                  Press Rank 73
                  TV/Radio Rank 70

                  She's only 13, but the towheaded thespian is already bringing in big-girl bucks. Her going rate for big-budget films hovers around the $4 million mark. This year, she kicked up a media maelstrom for her rape scene in the indie flick Hounddog. Fanning also posed in print campaigns for Marc Jacobs and the Gap.


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                    #93 Rhonda Byrne

                    Power Rank 93
                    Pay $12 mil
                    Category: Authors

                    Pay Rank 74
                    Web Rank 91
                    Press Rank 98
                    TV/Radio Rank 96

                    The Aussie TV producer emerged from obscurity last year with The Secret, a self-help tome promising wealth, love, happiness and even weight loss through a simple application of the laws of attraction. Buoyed by a plug from Oprah, The Secret hijacked bestseller lists and has become one of the fastest-selling self-help books in literary history, with 4 million copies in print.


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                        inke hamash ya shod bache kocholo ya pire zan khoshgelash koshan?
                        نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران

                        «در زندگی زخم*هايی هست که مثل خوره روح را آهسته در انزوا می*خورد و می*تراشد.»
                        صادق هدايت؛ بوف کور


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                          #92 Jeff Foxworthy

                          Power Rank 92
                          Pay $10 mil
                          Category: Comedians

                          Pay Rank 78
                          Web Rank 95
                          Press Rank 93
                          TV/Radio Rank 69

                          The senior statesman of the Blue Collar Comedy tour is enjoying a breakout year, due to the success of Fox's hit game show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?' The show had the highest debut of any network in eight years. Foxworthy's merchandising empire, based on his 'You Might Be a Redneck If...' jokes, nets him $2.5 million a year. The 34-year-old commands some of the highest rates in the business, upwards of $150,000 per gig. His 11 CDs have sold 14 million discs total.


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                            #91 John Grisham

                            Power Rank 91
                            Pay $9 mil
                            Category: Authors

                            Pay Rank 82
                            Web Rank 67
                            Press Rank 76
                            TV/Radio Rank 87

                            The renowned author of legal thrillers made his non-fiction debut this year with The Innocent Man, the story of former baseball player Ronald Williamson, who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for rape and murder. George Clooney and Warner Independent Pictures bought the movie rights to the novel less than two months after it hit shelves.


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                              #90 Jack Welch

                              Power Rank 90
                              Pay $11 mil
                              Category: Speakers

                              Pay Rank 77
                              Web Rank 80
                              Press Rank 82
                              TV/Radio Rank 85

                              A full five years after leaving General Electric, Welch still commands top-dollar on the speaking circuit. Last fall, he presided over a workshop for 100 executives who paid a cool $10,000 apiece to attend. Welch, who led GE for 20 years, typically commands $100,000 a speech and also runs a robust consulting business. He teaches at MIT's Sloan School of Management.