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The Celebrity 100 {2007}

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    #89 Dane Cook

    Power Rank 89
    Pay $9 mil
    Category: Comedians

    Pay Rank 82
    Web Rank 58
    Press Rank 87
    TV/Radio Rank 75

    Thanks to nearly two million MySpace fans, Cook sold out two shows each at both the Boston Garden and Madison Square Garden last year. He also sold a million copies of comedy CDs Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation in the last year, plus another 300,000 DVDs of his Vicious Circle and Tourgasm HBO shows. Cook starred in last year's Jessica Simpson comedy Employee of the Month and the recently released Kevin Costner thriller Mr. Brooks. He'll corral his MySpace millions when he hits the road later this year for some 30 shows at basketball arenas nationwide.


    • #17
      #88 Wolfgang Puck

      Power Rank 88
      Pay $13 mil
      Category: Chefs

      Pay Rank 72
      Web Rank 93
      Press Rank 89
      TV/Radio Rank 71

      Celebrity chefdom's elder statesman may not be as visible as the new legion of young star chefs, but Puck still brings in big bucks, thanks mostly to his casual dining and catering empire, which now boasts airport kiosks. And unlike the new guard, Puck maintains credibility with foodies: His Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills still ranks among the top gourmet dining destinations in the country.


      • #18
        #87 Emeril Lagasse

        Power Rank 87
        Pay $9 mil
        Category: Chefs

        Pay Rank 82
        Web Rank 54
        Press Rank 85
        TV/Radio Rank 72

        The 'Bam!' Man still packs 'em in at his nine restaurants and two Food Network shows. Despite setbacks following Hurricane Katrina, Lagasse rebounded, opening another restaurant along the Gulf Coast this spring. And his popularity continues to soar—to outer space: NASA enlisted the Big Easy chef to create meals for a recent space shuttle mission.


        • #19
          #86 Dan Brown

          Power Rank 86
          Pay $10 mil
          Category: Authors

          Pay Rank 78
          Web Rank 68
          Press Rank 66
          TV/Radio Rank 86

          The film adaptation of Brown's The Da Vinci Code grossed $758 million worldwide, plus another $130 million in DVD sales, making it the second-highest grossing film of 2006. The ripple effect: strong paperback sales of Da Vinci and pre- Da Vinci titles. The year ahead should prove to be another profitable one for the author: Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are rumored to be in final negotiations with Columbia Pictures to bring another Brown title to the big screen, the Da Vinci prequel Angels & Demons. Brown is said to be toiling over a Da Vinci sequel.


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            #85 J.J. Abrams

            Power Rank 85
            Pay $17 mil
            Category: Directors/Producers

            Pay Rank 64
            Web Rank 83
            Press Rank 91
            TV/Radio Rank 97

            Abrams is best known for creating, producing and directing the intricately plotted TV shows Alias and Lost. Abrams made his big-screen directing debut last year with Mission: Impossible III, starring Tom Cruise. With $398 million in worldwide box-office receipts, the film fell short of its predecessors, but still ended up as the eighth most lucrative movie of 2006. Paramount apparently liked what it saw from Abrams: Last July, the production company signed him to a five-year, $23 million movie deal. But fans of his television work needn't worry: Warner Brothers recently signed him to six-year, $36 million TV production deal.


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              #84 Heidi Klum

              Power Rank 84
              Pay $8 mil
              Category: Models

              Pay Rank 89
              Web Rank 33
              Press Rank 68
              TV/Radio Rank 68

              The 34-year-old model and mother of three (hubby is singer Seal) renewed her Victoria's Secret contract and helms the hit Bravo reality show Project Runway. She also hosted Germany's version of America's Next Top Model. In her 'spare' time, she designs and markets a line of jewelry through Mouawad.


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                belakhare ye jigar g0zashti inja
                نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران

                «در زندگی زخم*هايی هست که مثل خوره روح را آهسته در انزوا می*خورد و می*تراشد.»
                صادق هدايت؛ بوف کور


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                  #83 Annika Sorenstam

                  Power Rank 83
                  Pay $10 mil
                  Category: Athletes

                  Pay Rank 78
                  Web Rank 92
                  Press Rank 35
                  TV/Radio Rank 64

                  With 69 LPGA wins, including 10 major titles, Sorenstam has been the world's most dominant golfer for the past decade. She's won multiple tournaments every year since 1995. Her $20.5 million take in career prize money is 55% more than the next-highest earner, Karrie Webb. In April, Sorenstam decided to nurture future golfing millionaires by opening the Annika Academy, a golf school outside of Orlando.


                  • #24
                    #82 Deepak Chopra

                    Power Rank 82
                    Pay $22 mil
                    Category: Self-help/pitchmen

                    Pay Rank 57
                    Web Rank 76
                    Press Rank 94
                    TV/Radio Rank 95

                    The guru of alternative medicine has sold 30 million books since 1988, and oversees an empire that sells everything from teas to weight-loss programs. His fame has made him a speaking-circuit supernova: His 40 speeches a year bring in over $2 million. Last year Chopra joked on Comedy Central's Colbert Report that he wasn't a 'prophet' but a 'profit.'


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                      why are most these people old????
                      .Proud to be Persian.


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                        because it usually takes some time to get on this list


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                          #81 Larry the Cable Guy

                          Power Rank 81
                          Pay $20 mil
                          Category: Comedians

                          Pay Rank: 59
                          Web Rank: 89
                          Press Rank: 86
                          TV/Radio Rank: 81

                          The highest-earning standup comic in the United States, Larry the Cable Guy (real name: Dan Whitney) toured relentlessly last year, grossing $21.5 million in ticket sales. He nets $3 million annually from his 'Git 'R Done' merchandise, plus another $2 million or so from CDs. Recent films include last year's Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector and Delta Farce, released in May. Look for him in next year's Witless Protection, to be distributed by Lionsgate.


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                            #80 Reese Witherspoon

                            Power Rank 80
                            Pay $7 mil
                            Category: Actors

                            Pay Rank: 90
                            Web Rank: 47
                            Press Rank: 62
                            TV/Radio Rank: 48 E-Score Rank* 7

                            Top Attributes
                            Attractive, Talented
                            E-Score provided by

                            It's been a tough year for the Oscar-winning actress. Not only did she endure a very public split with husband Ryan Phillippe, but she backed out of Bunny Lake is Missing just weeks before filming was scheduled to start. Then she fired her agent. This winter, she'll star in Rendition with Jake Gyllenhaal, her first film since winning her Academy Award last year.


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                              #79 Daniel Radcliffe

                              Power Rank 79
                              Pay $15 mil
                              Category: Kid Stars

                              Pay Rank: 68
                              Web Rank: 50
                              Press Rank: 78
                              TV/Radio Rank: 82 E-Score Rank* 31

                              Top Attributes
                              Talented, Interesting
                              E-Score provided by

                              Radcliffe, better known as the star of the Harry Potter film franchise, generated a media frenzy this year after he appeared onstage nude in a West End revival of Equus. The next Potter film, The Order of the Phoenix, is slated to hit theaters in July. Since his first foray into wizardry back in 2001 at age 12, both Radcliffe and his paycheck have matured remarkably. The actor was offered a reported $145,000 for The Sorcerer's Stone six years ago. He earned an estimated $14 million for his most recent role.


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                                yaadesh bekheir!!