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    Claudia Lynx with her real name " Shaghayegh Samen " is an iranian model,singer,pornstar and she's named the most fakest woman in the world and goddess of plastic surgery,makeup,photoshop
    she's trying hard to become famous and become new aishwarya rai!
    facts about her:
    nose job,Lip Injection,Jaw Line,Cheek Implants,eyebrow lift,chin implants,and breast implants. and she always wear colored contact lenses, her natural eyes color is dark brown.

    her pictures
    before & afte plastic surgery

    Claudia Lynx " Nose Job "

    Claudia Lynx " Lip Augmentation "

    Claudia Lynx " Cheek Augmentation "

    Claudia Lynx " JawLine "

    Claudia Lynx " Boobs Augmentation "

    Claudia Lynx " Eyebrow "

    Claudia Lynx " eyes colored contact lenses [ her real eyes color is dark brown] "

    Claudia Lynx real childhood picture

    Before & After Photoshop

    Claudia Lynx Most Unseen Pictures!

    her real face after plastic surgery and without photoshop

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