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    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - It used to be that no one messed with Tom Cruise. Now the media are having a field day. Why are they beating up on him? Because they can.

    The energetic superstar used to be invulnerable. He was represented by Hollywood's most powerful talent firm, Creative Artists Agency. His production company, headed by ex-CAA agent Paula Wagner, is housed at Paramount Pictures, where studio chief Sherry Lansing would lavish her biggest budgets on his movies. He was married to Nicole Kidman, one of Hollywood's smartest actresses. And his press was handled by the head of Hollywood's most powerful PR firm, PMK-HBH's Pat Kingsley, who kept the press from talking about Scientology.

    Anyone who has ever dealt with Kingsley knows that going up against her takes guts and the full backing of your organization. That's because she's willing to use her entire arsenal to protect her most powerful clients. With the bat of an eyelash, she'd withdraw the cooperation of her agency's other stars, refuse to cooperate on other stories or ban a publication from getting another star interview. (It took Premiere magazine several years to work itself back into her good graces after one tough "Mission: Impossible 2" story.)

    Kingsley controlled the select magazine covers Cruise would do for each picture, the friendly interviewers he was most comfortable with, the photographers who shot him to look his best. Knowing that he didn't have much to say, she controlled his image, preserving his mystique as a movie star. Her PR philosophy has always been, "Less is more." Keep the fans guessing. Hold the star in abeyance. Keep everyone lining up clamoring for more.

    So what changed? As Cruise heads toward 43, he's getting to that age when a star is not always sure what his appeal is. His domestic box office numbers have been down, masked by continuing strong foreign box office appeal. And he remains such a powerful client -- representing so many millions of dollars a year -- that CAA can't say no to him. Still, Paramount, which is now in transition under new chairman Brad Grey, refused to greenlight "Mission: Impossible 3" until it could bring down the budget -- and Cruise's share of the first-dollar grosses -- to a level that would permit the studio to make some of its considerable outlay back. (Everyone knows that Steven Spielberg and Cruise will take home the lion's share of the grosses on Paramount/DreamWorks' upcoming "War of the Worlds." That's a loss leader, a given.)

    Cruise and Pitt have much in common. They're both charismatic 40ish movie stars at the top of their game with a bigger following overseas than domestic and a predominantly female fan base. They can cherry-pick the best projects and directors. (As his three Oscar nominations attest, Cruise boasts a better rep as an actor.) They're both in recovery from busted marriages to famous actresses -- Pitt to Jennifer Aniston and Cruise to Kidman -- which always is a sensitive time for a male movie star. Kevin Costner's career, for one, never fully bounced back from fan backlash after he left his wife and broke up the family.

    The question is, will all the bad publicity adversely affect Cruise's career? Although Cruise has not been promoting "War of the Worlds" effectively, the Spielberg/H.G. Wells/Cruise combo is not likely to be negatively impacted by its star's PR debacle. But "M:I-3," where Cruise controls a budget that could approach $200 million, is a different story.

    Paramount sources say Grey is gravely concerned about the fate of this franchise. According to Paramount insiders, Grey insisted on cutting the budget and building in some protection against budget overruns. Cruise also trimmed his hefty profit-sharing arrangement.
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      Michael Jackson is IS NOT GUILTY !.

      More info,later .


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        SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Basking in the jurors' decision to acquit his client of all counts, Michael Jackson's lawyer said Tuesday the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys.

        He's not going to do that anymore," attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told NBC's "Today." "He's not going to make himself vulnerable to this anymore."

        Jackson was found not guilty Monday of child molestation, conspiracy and other counts. Jurors said the accusations of a young boy and his family were not credible a total legal victory that triggered jubilation among the pop star's fans and embarrassment for the district attorney's office.

        But Mesereau said the singer was still recovering from the ordeal.

        "He's going to take it one day at a time. It's been a terrible, terrible process for him," Mesereau said Tuesday.

        A raucous welcome greeted Jackson as he returned to his Neverland Ranch on Monday afternoon. As a convoy of black SUVs carrying him and his entourage pulled through the gates, his sister LaToya rolled down a window, smiled widely and waved. The crowd responded with a euphoric cheer.

        "All of us here and millions around the world love and support you," proclaimed a banner strung across a fence by the compound in Los Olivos that Jackson said he created to provide himself with the childhood he never enjoyed.

        "It's victory," said Tracee Raynaud, 39. "God is alive and well."

        There was no comment from Jackson or his family Tuesday. He has no media representative since Raymone K. Bain was dismissed last week, and neither he nor his family issued any statements Tuesday morning.
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          mellate bikar tabrik bara guilty nabodane MJ


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            man fekr mikonam guilty hast vali you know jaaee justice didin be maa ham begin.


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              hala guilty bashe ya nabashe chi be man mirese ... khabare margeshoon

              vayy che mellate bikarii didid nemidonam az france az hame ja omade bodan che BIKAR o BADBAKHT lol


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                haallaa ke aazaade shaayad fardaa bache haaye maa ro rape kone


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                  LOOOOOL khodam daghasho mizanam ghabli ke bekhad daste bachamon bezane LOOL


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                      TORONTO (Hollywood Reporter) - Canadian music retailer HMV Canada on Monday pulled all of Alanis Morissette's albums from its shelves in protest at her exclusive agreement to sell an acoustic version of her 1995 hit album "Jagged Little Pill" in North American Starbuck stores for six weeks.

                      Toronto-based HMV Canada was not available for comment. But rival music retailers have recently voiced concern that they have long sold Ottawa-born Morissette's music and helped make her career. After the six-week period, beginning June 13, the album will go on sale at traditional retailers.
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                        LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Luke Wilson is in negotiations to star in the seuperhero comedy "Super Ex," which will be directed by Ivan Reitman.

                        The story centers on a man who finds out that the woman he is dating is a superhero; she decides to use her powers against him after he breaks up with her for being too controlling and neurotic. The script for the Regency Enterprises project is from Don Payne, an Emmy-winning veteran of "The Simpsons."


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                          Elton John extends Vegas run through 2008 .

                          NEW YORK (Billboard) - Elton John's "The Red Piano" will play Las Vegas through 2008.

                          Originally scheduled for a 75-show, three-year run, the show will now run on an accelerated pace that will complete the initial schedule in 18 months. The new deal also adds 150 shows.

                          "The Red Piano" opened Feb. 13, 2004, in the Colosseum, a 4,100-seat theater the casino/resort constructed specifically to house Celine Dion's long-running residency, "A New Day." John's show, along with special engagements by artists like Stevie Nicks and Gloria Estefan, fills scheduled breaks for Dion's show. This year, "The Red Piano" is next slated to play the venue July 26-31 and Oct. 4-23.


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                            NEW YORK (Reuters) - Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey reigns supreme among celebrities, according to Forbes magazine's power rankings of the top 100 celebrities released on Thursday.

                            Winfrey moved up from No. 3 in 2004 to supplant "Passion of the Christ" director Mel Gibson at the top of the list. Golf star Tiger Woods held on to his runner-up position and Gibson slid into third place.

                            The Forbes power rankings give the most weight to a celebrity's earnings over the past 12 months but also factor in popularity standards including Internet presence, press clippings, magazine cover stories and mentions on TV and radio, Forbes said.

                            Winfrey, who draws 30 million viewers weekly in the United States and whose talk show reaches 112 countries, raked in $225 million to rank second in celebrity riches.

                            Gibson, buoyed by DVD sales of "Passion," earned $185 million, while Woods made $87 million from his golf and endorsement deals.

                            George Lucas, director/producer of the "Star Wars" movies, was fourth on the power list and topped the money table with $290 million made over the past 12 months.

                            Rounding out the top 10 were basketball star Shaquille O'Neal in fifth place, followed by film director/producer Steven Spielberg, actor Johnny Depp, pop music stars Madonna and Elton John and actor Tom Cruise.


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                              Tehran mayor and presidential candidate Mahmood Ahmadinejad and pragmatic cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani swept into Iran's first-ever presidential election run-off after voters left the reform movement in tatters.