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  • Ghalieh Mahi

    Ghalieh Mahi
    Fish soup from Khuzestan province


    (2) King Fish steaks or any fish that can be cut into small cubes and does not fall apart easily
    (4) Bunches of Cilantro
    (1) Parsley and
    (1) Stem of Leek
    (2) Table spoon dry Fenugreek (Shanbalileh) available at most Persian stores
    (1) Cup chopped fresh Garlic (if you do not like Garlic very much then cut the portion in half)
    1/2 Cup tamarind (I do not like the syrupy ones sold in Persian stores) instead get the bulk one which is squared shape with seeds in it and has a sour and tangy taste (we want authentic tasting ghalieh, right?). Remove the seeds and soak them in two tablespoon of warm water.
    Salt and pepper to taste
    (1) Teaspoon fish sauce: optional
    (3) Cups of warm water

    Chop the fresh vegetables well and sauté them with two table spoon of either Olive oil, grape seed oil (my choice) or any oil you prefer on low heat. Keep mixing the vegetables with a wooden spoon. Add the dry Fenugreek and continue to sauté until your vegetables permeate the smell of Ghorme Sabzi! Add the tamarind, salt and pepper and then turn the knob on low heat. Add the warm water and put the lid on until you are finished with the next step.

    In another pan heat 1 tablespoon of oil and sauté the chopped garlic and after a few minutes remove the garlic and place it in a small dish aside. Sautee cubed fish for a few minutes. Remove and set aside. Add the sautéed garlic to the cooking ghalieh and if you like you can add the 1 tablespoon fish sauce. set your timer for 45 minute and let the ghlaieh cook on low heat. After 45 minutes add the cubed fish and let it cook for an additional half an hour.

    I suggest that you taste it throughout the process because depending on your taste you may want to add addition amount of tamarind or garlic if you want to. Well let me know how it turns out. Perhaps I will have a better future as a cook than a writer (not! I do not cook more than twice a year).

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    mersi rw jan man tahala ghalye mahi nakhordam vali khili tarifesho shenidam ...hala hatman ye bar dorost mikonam .....
    Tasavor kon jahaniro ke toosh zendan yek afsanast
    Tamame jangaye donya shodan mashmoole atash bast
    Kasi aghaye alam nist barabar ba hamand mardom
    Dige sahme har ensane tane har dooneye gandom
    Bedone marzo mahdoode vatan yani hame donya
    Tasavor kon to mitoni beshi taabire in roya


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      in az un ghazahayeh khoshmazeyeh khuzestanieh ! say kon hatman yek bar bekhorish .


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        veyyyyyyyyy,ghelye mahiiii.damet garm sia joooooon


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          ghelyeh mahi chi bid???????????lol


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            Just finished a bowl of spicy ghalieh mahi with halibut...a key ingredient of this dish is red pepper flakes. Khoozestanis like spicy food, so we always add heat to the dish! Ghormeh sabzi with dried hot red peppers...yum.


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              noosh e jan .