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  • What Is FarmVille ?

    FarmVille is a real time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, available as an application on the ocial networking website Facebook and as an App on both the Apple iPhone and Android. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and trees, as well as raising livestock. FarmVille started as a clone of the popular Farm Town on Facebook in June 2009, but has since grown to be its most popular application, with over 62 million active users and over 24.6 million Facebook application fans as of September 2010. The total FarmVille users are over 10% of the users of Facebook. Despite this, Farmville is still classed by Zynga as being in Beta testing stage, with all of their players currently considered Testers.

    Here is the link to the FarmVille game on Facebook
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    What Is FarmVille

    Appreciate the help lads, would be interested in hearing more of these problems - please divulge.

    Driving a AZ3 at the mo - cant remember what its called back home. Have had huge problems with it. although all sorted now i still have no faith in it and every time i hear a noise i shit myself.

    Insurance out here is dog cheap im paying 26 a month - 15Eur so keen to drive something powerful and decent looking for a few years til i head home to the beaten down life of the 1L driver

    Suggest anything along the same lines?