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Holistic treatment needed for autism

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  • Holistic treatment needed for autism

    Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder, the symptoms of which can be identified in the affected person since his/her childhood. No complete cure for the disease has been found yet and the person with autism is destined to live with the disease for all his lifetime. Weakened social interaction and communication skills, repetitive behaviour etc are some of the characteristics of the disease.
    The exact reasons for the disease are yet to be found out. But scientists are of the opinion that genetics and some toxins in the environment can cause autism. Autistic children suffer from learning disabilities, communication disabilities and poor social adaptability. Poor eating habits are also seen in the disease affected.
    Doctors say that a holistic approach is necessary to control the disease and no two autism children can be treated alike. Regular exercise and diet control too are necessary to treat the disease. It is through allergy tests and immunotoxicology test that the doctors find out the suitable food items for each autistic kid.
    Ayurveda, as it has a holistic approach to the disease, seems to be effective in reducing its symptoms. Various therapies offered by Ayurveda hospitals can help the patient beat the symptoms to an extent. There are various drugs, made up of herbs, which help in improving the memory of autistic children and reducing their anxiety and depression.
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