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  • Reveal your innate beauty

    Ayurveda propagates the belief that true beauty is innate and reflects outward only when the inner self is at peace and filled with positive energy. The inner beauty, the beauty of the healthy mind and spiritual soul is reflected through one's deeds and thoughts. If a person is beautiful inside only then is the physical beauty preserved.

    Ayurveda elaborates about seven different functional units known as Dhathu or tissue. Skin is the most vital organ made up of dhatu, which needs special care and regular rejuvenation. Different therapies and treatments have been penned down in the ancient medical literature for maintaining the Ojas or the essence of an individual. It is this essence which helps to maintain a glowing countenance and inner vitality and hence protecting the beauty.

    Beauty treatments and therapies with the usage ofayurvedic herbal scrubs, oils, drinks, lotions and baths have always rectified skin problems. Any such treatment takes into consideration the ayurvedic belief that beauty is skin deep. The inner aura is always to be maintained and treatment is to be chosen giving predominance to the balance of dosha and the metaphysical elements.

    The therapy helps in rejuvenation of cells through herbal preparations and regular messages. The message is also known as Uzhichil which consists of anointment with specially prepared oils. The face packs and face scrubs prepared from medicinal herbs are also very effective. Bathig of the body at regular hours with special oils and packs are also prescribed in Ayurvedic beauty care.
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