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First Female Narrator Of Shahnameh

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  • First Female Narrator Of Shahnameh

    Most Iranians regard Ferdowsi as the greatest of their poets and for many years they have continued to read and to listen to recitations from his masterpiece known as the Epic Book of Kings (in Persian: Shahnameh), in which the Iranian national epic found its final and enduring form. To the Iranians, Shahnameh is the history of their country's glorious past, preserved for all time in sonorous and majestic verse.

    Fatemeh Habibizad, the first Iranian female narrator of Shahnameh, started to narrate the epic book of Ferdowsi about six years ago. She officially narrated Shahnameh on May 15, 2005 on the occasion of Ferdowsi Day. On that occasion, she narrated the epic of Sohrab and Gordafarid at the Kerman University in Kerman, a province in the south-east of Iran.

    Habibizad was born in 1977 in Ahwaz. Her nickname is Gordafarid, and she is a graduate of the Cultural Heritage University of Tehran. She currently teaches Shahnameh Narration (in Persian: Naghaali-e-Shahnameh) at the University of Fine Arts in Tehran.

    “I was always interested in the art of narration and enjoyed watching various kinds of narrations and curtain reading. I attended the performances of Master Valiollah Torabi and I began reciting after a year,” she said in an interview. “Narration requires long study and hard work. It is not a simple reading.

    A narrator must know the Shahnameh well, must be well aware of the techniques of narration, and should do research in the various fields of fiction, myth, and epic poetry. You must really train yourself and must have a grasp of what you are narrating,” she added.

    Here is a link to her story and part of her Shahnameh Narration:


    SAADAT NOURY, M. (2007): Online Article on “Ferdowsi Toosi”.

    VAROUS SOURCES (2007): Online News on Fatemeh Habibizad.

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    Fatemeh "Gordafarid" Habibizad
    "First female Shahnameh narrator" (naqqal)

    Visit her site at Feature produced by Afshean Hessam.

    Part 1: