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How to Leave a Religion

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  • How to Leave a Religion

    For many people it is a horribly intimidating task to leave a religion, either for another or for the absence of one.

    Whatever the case may be this guide seeks to assist you in releasing yourself from your religion.


    Sever any ties you have with the religious organization.

    If necessary, leave them correspondence that communicates your separation, but do not discuss reasons or beliefs.

    Make friends outside of your former religion. Ask your new friends about alternative views.

    Carefully prepare a list of the advantages for leaving your religion and your reasons for doing so.

    Approach your family and friends tactfully about this topic as a devout family may not understand your choice.

    Read about your alternatives, such as atheism, other religions or non-theistic philosophy.

    Research the religion of your choice, and prepare the reasons that this change would be personally advantageous.

    Join a local group if you wish, and learn about their views and practices for conversion.


    If you think your family will be uncomfortable with your change, wait until you are older to make your views public.

    Know your stuff before you get into debates or discussions.

    Read and study the writings that are accepted by your chosen religion.

    If you wish to leave religion entirely, you may like to read books by Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, two modern atheists.

    You may also enjoy books on the theory of evolution and the history of life on Earth.

    Note that evolution does not in and of itself imply atheism, though atheism often includes evolution or some other nonreligious explanation for how things came to be.


    Beware of cults
    Beware of intolerant people.
    Beware of religious zealots.

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    special info if you want to leave your religion.