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Did Adam and Eve have belly botton ?

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  • Did Adam and Eve have belly botton ?

    همانطور که میدانیم ناف جایی است که جنین از طریق بندی که به آن متصل است از مادر تغذیه میکند. حالا سؤال این است که آیا آدم و حوا هم ناف داشتند؟ برای چه؟

    We know that the belly botton is the spot that the fetus is fed inside the motherís uterus . Now the question is : Did Adam and Eve have belly botton? Why?

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    since this topic is new and noone has said anything yet, it might be a good idea to make the thread again and this time put a poll so we can see other people's ideas..
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      LOL redwine joon, for once i actually read all the farsi AND understood it... then i scroll down and see youve translated in english

      about the topic: Its a very good question- I'd never thought about that before... it proves the adam and eve myth is actually un-real
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