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Thread: Luciano Pavarotti dead at 71

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    Unhappy Luciano Pavarotti dead at 71

    ROME, Italy (AP) -- Opera star Luciano Pavarotti has been hospitalized for tests in his hometown of Modena, in northern Italy, hospital officials and his manager said Thursday.

    Pavarotti, who underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer last year, was brought to Modena's Polyclinic two days ago, said manager Terri Robson. Earlier, a hospital spokesman had said Pavarotti was admitted Wednesday.

    Robson and officials at the hospital declined to give the reason the 71-year-old tenor was hospitalized, but local daily Il Resto del Carlino reported that it was pneumonia.

    Robson said she would issue a statement later.

    Il Resto del Carlino reported that Pavarotti was diagnosed with pneumonia as he was vacationing with his family at his villa in Pesaro, a seaside resort on the Adriatic some 125 miles southeast of Modena.

    In July 2006, Pavarotti was preparing to leave New York to resume a farewell tour when doctors discovered a malignant pancreatic mass, Robson said at the time. He underwent surgery in a New York hospital, and all his remaining 2006 concerts were canceled.

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of the disease, though doctors said Pavarotti's surgery offered improved hopes for survival.

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    Legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who brought opera to the masses, died on Thursday after a battle with cancer. He was 71.

    "The great tenor Luciano Pavarotti died today at 5 a.m. (11 p.m. Wednesday EDT) at his home in Modena," his manager Terri Robson said in a statement. "The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life.

    Although his health had been seriously failing for a year, the death of the rotund, black-bearded tenor known as "Big Luciano" saddened people ranging from stars, impresarios and critics of 'bel canto' to fans who could barely afford tickets.

    "He was one of those rare artists who affected the lives of people across the globe in all walks of life," London's Royal Opera House at Covent Garden said in a statement.

    "Through his countless broadcasts, recordings and concerts he introduced the extraordinary power of opera to people who perhaps would never have encountered opera and classical singing. In doing so, he enriched their lives. That will be his legacy," said Convent Garden.

    While past opera stars often locked themselves in a gilded, elitist world, television viewers around the world heard Pavarotti sing alongside pop stars like Sting and Bono in his famous "Pavarotti and Friends" benefits for the needy.

    Already famous in the opera world, he rocketed to planetary superstardom when he, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras sang at Rome's Caracalla Baths during the 1990 soccer World Cup in Italy.

    Sales of opera albums shot up after the concert and the aria "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's Turandot, which has the famous victory line "At dawn I will win", became as much a feature of soccer fever as the usual stadium chants.

    The people of Modena, a provincial town in northeast Italy, mourned a man who remained very attached to his hometown even as a superstar.

    Venusta Nascetti, a 71-year-old who used to serve Pavarotti coffee in a local bar when he was a teenager, remembered him as being "full of joy, he had a happy spirit".

    "He always loved us just like we loved him," the frail old woman, wearing dark glasses to hide her emotion, told reporters outside Pavarotti's house where she went to pay her respects.

    Pavarotti shot to fame with a stand-in appearance at Covent Garden in 1963 and soon had critics gushing. His big break came thanks to another Italian opera great, Giuseppe di Stefano, who dropped out of a London performance of "La Boheme" in 1963.

    Covent Garden had lined up "this large young man" as a possible stand-in -- and a star was born.

    In 1972 he famously hit nine high C's in a row in "Daughter of the Regiment" at New York's Metropolitan Opera, which he referred to as "my home".

    His last public singing performance was at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in February 2006.


    In July last year, Pavarotti underwent surgery in New York for pancreatic cancer and retreated to his villa in Modena. He had to cancel his first planned public reappearance a few months later.

    Pavarotti was taken to a hospital in Modena last month and treated for more than two weeks. He was released on August 25, and spent his final hours at home with family and friends nearby, the statement said.
    "He remained optimistic and confident that he would overcome the disease and had been determined to return to the stage to complete his Worldwide Farewell Tour," the statement said.

    Robson said that up until just weeks before his death, Pavarotti gave several hours each day to teaching his pupils at his summer villa in Pesaro, on Italy's Adriatic Coast. Pavarotti launched an academy for young singers in Modena two years ago.

    "He was also planning to complete a recording of sacred songs and unveil the next phase of the Pavarotti International Voice Competition," the statement said.

    In 2003, Pavarotti married Nicoletta Mantovani, an assistant 34 years his junior and younger than his three daughters, after an acrimonious divorce from Adua, his wife of 37 years.

    As Nicoletta was bearing twins, the pregnancy ran into complications and their son Riccardo was stillborn.

    He is survived by Nicoletta, their four-year-old daughter, Alice, as well as three daughters from Pavarotti's first marriage.

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    The Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti has died at his home in Modena aged 71.
    The tenor, who helped give opera a new mass audience, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and underwent further treatment in August 2007.

    His manager, Terri Robson, said Pavarotti died at 5am today.

    "The maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness," Mr Robson said in a statement.

    Pavarotti was considered by some critics to have been the greatest tenor since Enrico Caruso.
    He made his professional debut in 1961, as Rodolfo in Puccini's La Boheme at the opera house in Reggio Emilia. His most celebrated performance came at New York's Metropolitan Opera House where he hit nine high C's in Donizetti's La fille du regiment.

    But Pavarotti reached a new global audience during the 1990 football World Cup when his interpretation of the Puccini aria Nessum Dorma was chosen as the tournament's theme tune.

    It became an international hit. Later the Essential Pavarotti became the first classical album to reach No 1 in the UK charts.

    The 1990 World Cup also saw the first of the hugely popular Three Tenor concerts that Pavarotti performed with Placido Domingo and José Carreras.

    His most high-profile performance in Britain was the Pavarotti in the Park concert in a rain-sodden Hyde Park in 1991. His friend, Diana, Princess of Wales, was in the front row.

    Like many opera stars, Pavarotti also had a reputation for exacting standards. At a Royal Variety performance in Edinburgh he reportedly demanded a fully fitted kitchen to be built into his hotel suite. He also frequently cancelled concerts at short notice.

    But he also raised millions of pounds for good causes around the world in a number of charity performances.

    Domingo today led the tributes to his fellow tenor.

    "I always admired the God-given glory of his voice - that unmistakable special timbre from the bottom up to the very top of the tenor range," he said.

    "I also loved his wonderful sense of humour and on several occasions of our concerts with José Carreras we had trouble remembering that we were giving a concert before a paying audience, because we had so much fun between ourselves."

    The British tenor Russell Watson told GMTV that Pavarotti was "without question" the man who brought opera to the people.

    "The World Cup was the Three Tenors with Pavarotti at the helm, with a very entertaining version of Nessun Dorma, in fact, it's now called 'Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma'," Watson said.

    "His voice was so distinctive you only needed to listen to a couple of bars and you knew it was him, he had incredible power and control."

    In a statement, the Royal Opera House said: "He was one of those rare artists who affected the lives of people across the globe in all walks of life.

    "... he introduced the extraordinary power of opera to people who perhaps would never have encountered opera and classical singing, in doing so he enriched their lives. That will be his legacy."

    Pavarotti gave farewell performances at the Royal Opera House in January 2002 when he sang in Tosca, despite the death of his mother in the final stages of rehearsals.

    "The applause on those evenings was probably the most moving and heartfelt in the history of the Royal Opera," the statement said.

    "He had a unique ability to touch people with the emotional and brilliant quality of his voice. He was a man with the common touch and the most extraordinary gift. He will be truly missed by millions."

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    لوچیانو پاوراتی خواننده مشهور اپرا درگذشت

    لوچیانو پاوراتی از نام آورترین خوانندگان اپرا در قرن بیستم بود
    لوچیانو پاوراتی، یکی از مشهورترین خوانندگان اپرا در جهان، در سن 71 سالگی در شهر مودنا، واقع در ایتالیا، درگذشت.
    اطلاعیه درگذشت پاوراتی پس از آن انتشار یافت که روز گذشته رسانه های ایتالیایی گزارش کردند که وضع سلامت این خواننده مشهور اپرا، که چند هفته پیش از بیمارستان مرخص شده و در خانه خود در مودنا بستری بود، رو به وخامت گذاشته است.

    در این اطلاعیه آمده است که لوچیانو پاوراتی در ساعت 5 بامداد روز پنجشنبه، 6 سپتامبر، در خانه خود در شهر مودنا، درگذشته است.

    پاوراتی سال گذشته به خاطر ابتلای به بیماری سرطان لوزالمعده تحت درمان قرار گرفت و در ماه اوت سال جاری نیز دوباره برای مدتی در بیمارستان بستری بود.

    طرفداران اپرا از پاوراتی به خاطر صدای شفاف و شورانگیز او به عنوان مناسبترین اجراکننده اپرای تغزلی ایتالیایی نام برده اند.

    درعین حال، لوچیانو پاوراتی فعالیت خود را به ایفای نقش در برنامه های کامل اپرا محدود نکرد بلکه با اجرای آثاری از جمله تک خوانی برای همگان، به شهرتی در میان مردم عادی دست یافت که معمولا خوانندگان پاپ از آن برخوردار می شوند.

    تک آواز نسون دورما (نگذارید کسی به خواب رود) از اپرای توراندو (توراندخت) اثر پوچینی با صدای پاوراتی به عنوان آرم مسابقات فوتبال جام جهانی سال 1990 در ایتالیا انتخاب شد و او را به هنرمندی شناخته شده در سرتاسر جهان تبدیل کرد.

    وی برای آخرین بار در ابتدای سال 2006 در مراسم افتتاحیه المپیک زمستانی تورین برنامه ای عمومی اجرا کرد.

    پاوراتی در سال 1961 با نخستین همسر خود، آدوا ورونی ازدواج کرد و از این ازدواج سه دختر و یک نوه باقی مانده است.

    در سال 2003، پاوراتی پس از جدایی از همسر اول خود با نیکولتا مانتووانی، که سالها جوانتر از خود او بود، ازدواج کرد و این زوج صاحب یک دختر شدند

    خواننده مشهور قرن

    از پاوراتی به عنوان یکی از مشهورترین خوانندگان آثار اپرا در قرن بیستم نام برده می شود.

    گروه سه تنور در ترویج اپرا در میان مردم نقشی مهم ایفا کرد

    لوچیانو پاوراتی روز 12 اکتبر سال 1935 در شهر مودنا، واقع در شمال غرب ایتالیا، متولد شد،
    پدرش کارگر کارخانه سیگارسازی و مادرش نانوا و خواننده بود.

    تحصیلات ابتدایی و متوسطه لوچیانو در زادگاهش خاتمه یافت و گرچه او شخصا به فوتبال به شدت علاقه داشت و مایل بود به عنوان فوتبالیست حرفه ای به کار بپردازد، اما به اصرار مادرش شغل معلمی را برگزید.

    کار معلمی تنها دو سال ادامه یافت و پاوراتی، با وجود نگرانی پدرش از غیر قابل اعتماد بودن امرار معاش از طریق خوانندگی، شغل معلمی را رها کرد و نزد یکی از استادان محلی آواز به آموزش این هنر پرداخت.

    دستاورد پاوراتی در خلال شش سال بعد از چند تک خوانی در کنسرت های محلی و کسب درآمدی ناچیز از این طریق فراتر نرفت.

    اما در سال 1961، این خواننده جوان با اجرای نقش در اپرای لابوهم به عنوان یک خواننده توانا شناخته شد و در خلال سال های بعد، با شرکت در اپراهای دیگر، در میان دوستداران اپرا در ایتالیا به شهرت دست یافت.

    دهه 1970 زمان حضور او بر صحنه اپرا در سایر کشورهای جهان، از جمله آمریکا بود که نام او را به عنوان خواننده ای برخوردار از صدایی استثنایی و مهارتی کم نظیر بر سر زبان ها انداخت.

    پاوراتی در اوایل دهه 1980 "مسابقه بین المللی آواز پاوراتی" را برای جوانان مشتاق پیشرفت در این هنر به راه انداخت تا نقشی را در پرورش نسل آینده هنرمندان اپرا ایفا کرده باشد.

    در دهه 1990، پاوراتی همراه با پلاسیدو دومینگو و خوزه کارراس، دو خواننده دیگر اپرا، گروهی را با نام "سه خواننده تنور" (The Three Tenors ) برای ترویج آثار اپرایی در میان قشر وسیعتری از مردم تشکیل داد.

    در دهه 1990، این گروه به اجرا و ضبط برخی از آثار سبکتر اپرا دست زد که با استقبال گسترده مواجه شد و به گفته منتقدان، عامل مهمی در جلب توجه مردم به این هنر بوده است.

    با وجود ستایش منتقدان از کیفیت صدا و مهارت لوچیانو پاوراتی، برخی از طرفداران سنتگرای اپرا از فعالیت او در اجرای برنامه های "سبکتر" آواز خرسند نبودند و پاوراتی را به "بازاری کردن" اپرا متهم می کردند، هرچند او این اتهام را نادرست می دانست.

    پاواراتی از هنر خود در خدمات بشردوستانه نیز مایه می گذاشت و کنسرت هایی که به نفع سازمان های خیریه برگزار می کرد طرفداران فراوانی داشت.

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    The life of Pavarotti

    1955: Makes his first appearance outside Italy at the Llangollen International Singing Competition, in north Wales. Pavarotti travelled with a choir from his home town of Modena which won first prize

    April 29 1961: Operatic debut as Rodolfo in a production of Puccini's La Bohème in Reggio Emilia. Later that year he made his international operatic debut in Belgrade in La Traviata

    1961: Married his first wife Adua, with whom he has three daughters

    February 17, 1972: The Pavarotti phenomenon is born, during a production of La Fille du Regiment at Covent Garden and later at New York's Metropolitan Opera, when he achieved a record 17 curtain calls

    March 1977: Attracts one of the largest ever audiences for a televised opera when he plays Rodolfo in the first Live From The Met telecast in March of 1977

    1989: Becomes known as “The King of Cancellations" for frequently backing out of performances, his relationship was severed by the Lyric Opera of Chicago as his career hit a lull. Pavarotti had cancelled 26 out of 41 scheduled appearances at the theatre

    June 1990: Becomes an internationally known celebrity when his rendition of Giacomo Puccini's aria, "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot, became the theme song of the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy. That year “The Essential Pavarotti” was the first ever classical album to hit the No 1 spot in the UK pop charts

    July 1990: Begins his collaboration with Plácido Domingo and José Carreras with a Three Tenors concert in Rome on the eve of the World Cup final. The trio gave 34 concerts from 1990 to 2003

    July 1991: 150,000 people, including Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, stand enthralled in pouring rain in Hyde Park to hear Pavarotti perform 20 arias by Verdi, Puccini, Bizet and Wagner

    1992: He was sued by the BBC for selling the network a lip-synched concert. After being booed at La Scala during a performance of Don Carlo, he cancelled tours and took several months rest

    June 1993: He performed to over half a million people in Central Park, New York

    1996: He left his wife after being photographed on a beach with his secretary Nicoletta Mantovani, who at 30 years his junior was younger than his youngest daughter

    1998: Presented with the Grammy Legend Award

    2000: Prosecutors in Bologna, Italy, asked an investigating magistrate to rule that Pavarotti be tried on tax fraud charges for claiming that his primary residence is Monte Carlo. He is accused of owing the government nearly £5 million

    2002: Nicoletta gives birth to the maestro's fourth daughter, Alice

    2003: The couple marry

    2004: Started his farewell tour at the age of 69

    July 2006: Forced to cancel his final concert tour after being admitted to hospital for emergency cancer surgery

    September 2007: The singer dies at his home in Modena.

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    Thousands Pay Respects to Pavarotti

    MODENA, Italy (AP) — Thousands of mourners filed past the open white casket of Luciano Pavarotti in his hometown cathedral Friday to pay their last respects to the tenor whose charisma and voice were celebrated around the world.

    More than 10,000 people have viewed the body of the city's most famous son since Thursday evening, when the public was allowed in just hours after his death from pancreatic cancer at age 71.

    Pavarotti's coffin was surrounded by wreaths. He was dressed in white tie and tails, his hands holding the trademark white handkerchief and a rosary. A red veil with an embroidered treble clef was placed at his feet inside his coffin.

    "He's a symbol of Modena, a symbol of Italy, he's international," said Simone Sarrau, 32, who waited in line until nearly midnight Thursday. "He's a one of a kind. There's only him, and there will always only be him."

    The crowd applauded in a sign of respect as pallbearers carried the casket into the cathedral on Thursday for a viewing that ended at midnight and resumed shortly after dawn Friday.

    He is survived by his second wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, their daughter, Alice, and three daughters from his first marriage.

    His funeral on Saturday will be televised live and is expected to draw dignitaries from opera, politics and culture.

    Premier Romano Prodi was expected to attend the service, his office said, and tenor Andrea Bocelli was scheduled to sing the hymn "Panis Angelicus," which Pavarotti himself performed at the same cathedral in a memorable duet with his father, Fernando, in 1978.

    Giant TV screens were set up near the 12th century cathedral for the public, and the air force's precision flying team — the Frecce Tricolori, or Tricolored Arrows — will perform a flyover with contrails of red, white and green in the colors of the Italian flag as the casket is brought out of the cathedral, the ANSA news agency said.

    The Modena city hall said the tenor would be buried in the Montale Rangone cemetery, near Modena, where members of his family, including his parents and stillborn son, Riccardo, are buried.

    "Pavarotti was the last great Italian voice able to move the world," said Bruno Cagli, president of the Santa Cecilia National Academy in Rome.

    His legacy also reached beyond the opera house. He collaborated with classical singers such as soprano Joan Sutherland, but also with pop stars like Elton John, the Spice Girls and Sheryl Crow to bring opera to the masses, rescuing the art from highbrow obscurity in the process.

    In many ways, Pavarotti fulfilled the public's imagination of what an opera star should be. He often wore a colorful scarf and a hat, be it a fedora or a beret, and while he didn't always have a beard, it was hard to imagine him without it. His heft — as well as a restaurant on his property in Modena — evinced his gourmet appetite.

    But above all, his clear voice, and his prized diction, made him beloved by millions.

    As Modena celebrated its most famous son, the atmosphere wasn't sad or tearful but warm. Many brought their children, and thousands of pictures of the tenor were distributed to mourners. Others were grateful to the tenor for making Modena — a quiet city of about 180,000 people near the Po River — famous around the world.

    A childhood friend recalled the school days with Pavarotti and the tenor's love of soccer — later matched by his passion for horses.

    "When we played soccer, passing him was not easy. He was really big and really strong, but he always played very carefully and with respect, especially for those smaller than him," Giancarlo Pellacani told AP Television News.

    Pavarotti was known as "the King of the High Cs" for his ease at hitting the top notes. He was the best-selling classical artist, with more than 100 million records sold since the 1960s, and he had the first classical album to reach No. 1 on the pop charts.

    Some of the greatest opera stars were in his debt — from the young talent whom he fostered to Spanish tenor Jose Carreras, who said Pavarotti had supported him in moments of difficulty, including his battle with leukemia.

    Pavarotti purposely sought to commercialize opera, scoffing at accusations that he was sacrificing art. He relished that the hugely successful "Three Tenors" concerts with Placido Domingo and Carreras reached 1.5 billion people, filling stadiums.

    Some would argue opera owed itself to "Big Luciano."

    "When I wanted to construct the Bastille opera house in Paris about 30 years ago, they told me I was crazy. 'Opera was dead,' they said," former French Culture Minister Jack Lang told ANSA. "Pavarotti returned opera to popularity and contributed to its rebirth."

    In Los Angeles, Domingo said he "always admired the God-given glory of his voice — that unmistakable special timbre from the bottom up to the very top of the tenor range." In Germany, Carreras told reporters he was "one of the greatest tenors ever."

    Pavarotti himself was clear on his legacy. "I think a life in music is a life beautifully spent, and this is what I have devoted my life to," Pavarotti said in a quote posted on his Web site.

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    مراسم تشییع جنازه پاواروتی برگزار می شود

    لوچیانو پاواروتی سال ها از بیماری سرطان لوزالمعده رنج می برد
    مراسم تشییع جنازه لوچیانو پاواروتی، خواننده مشهور اپرا، در مودنا، زادگاهش در شمال ایتالیا آغاز شده است.
    رومانو پرودی، نخست وزیر ایتالیا به اتفاق خوزه کارراس و پلاسیدو دومینگو، دو خواننده معروف دیگر اپرا، و نیز شماری از شخصیت های مشهور جهان، در این مراسم که در کلیسای بزرگ شهر مودنا برگزار می شود، حضور دارند.

    بازیکنان تیم فوتبال یوونتوس ایتالیا، تیم مورد علاقه پاواروتی نیز در این مراسم شرکت می کنند.

    تابوت پاواروتی در حالی که 9 نفر آن را بر دوش حمل می کردند به داخل کلیسا آورده شد.

    نیکولتا مانتوانی، همسر پاواروتی در پشت تابوت حرکت می کرد.

    مراسم دعا توسط کاردینال تارسیسیو برتون، از مقامات ارشد واتیکان برگزار می شود.

    جسد پاواروتی که پنجشنبه گذشته در 71 سالگی درگذشت، در گورستانی در خارج مودنا، دفن خواهد شد.

    خانواده پاواروتی، درخواست کرده بودند که مراسم تدفین وی خصوصی برگزار شود ولی با توجه به این که شمار زیادی از علاقمندان وی و سیاستمداران و شخصیت های سرشناس در این مراسم شرکت می کنند، این مراسم بیشتر جنبه رسمی پیدا کرده است.

    هنگامی که تابوت پاواروتی برای تدفین از کلیسا بیرون آورده می شود، هواپیماهای نیروی هوایی ایتالیا برای ادای احترام بر فراز کلیسا در پرواز خواهند بود.

    جیورجیو ناپولیتانو، رئیس جمهور ایتالیا، گفته است ایتالیا از شخصی تجلیل می کند که برای کشور افتخار به ارمغان آورد.

    پاواروتی سال گذشته به خاطر ابتلا به بیماری سرطان لوزالمعده تحت درمان قرار گرفت و در ماه اوت سال جاری نیز دوباره برای مدتی در بیمارستان بستری بود.

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    بزرگداشت پاواروتی در تهران

    پاواروتی در شهر مودنا، در شمال ایتالیا درگذشت
    بزرگداشت لوچانو پاواروتی، خواننده تازه درگذشته اپرای ایتالیا، سه*شنبه سوم مهرماه در تهران برگزار شد.
    این نخستین بار است که در ایران پس از مرگ موسیقیدان معاصر خارجی برای او مراسم بزرگداشت برپا می شود.

    پیش از برای هنرمندان موسیقی کلاسیک مثل بتهوون، باخ و موتسارت برنامه ها و بزرگداشت هایی ترتیب داده شده بود.

    در این برنامه محمد سریر، مدیر خانه* موسیقی ایران و روبرتو توسکانو سفیر ایتالیا در ایران سخنرانی کردند و فیلم هایی از اجرای بخشی از آثار معروف و محبوب پاواروتی پخش شد.

    از دیگر برنامه* های این مراسم می *توان به امضای دفتر یادبود پاواروتی که از سوی سفارت ایتالیا در اختیار علاقه*مندان قرار گرفت، اشاره کرد.

    پاواروتی که مدت*ها از سرطان لوزالمعده در رنج بود، ساعت ۵ بامداد ۱۵ شهریور در شهر مودنا، در شمال ایتالیا، درگذشت.

    این خواننده سرشناس که به عنوان یکی از برجسته *ترین خوانندگان اپرای نسل خود شناخته می *شود، پس از عمل جراحی خود، پنج بار مورد شیمی درمانی قرارگرفت.

    پاواروتی فرزند یک خانواده فقیر بود که با شغل نانوایی امرار معاش می کردند، او در جوانی یک علاقمند واقعی فوتبال و همچنین یک فوتبالیست موفق بود که در تیم شهر خود بازی می کرد. مدتی نیز به اصرار خانواده اش به معلمی پرداخت تا اینکه با علاقمند شدنش به آواز کلاسیک از این کار دست کشید و به آواز پرداخت.

    لوچیانو پاواروتی نخستین بار در سال ۱۹۶۱، هنگامی که برنده* نخست یک مسابقه شد، توجه همگان را به شفافیت صدای تنور خود جلب کرد. او سپس اجراهای متفاوتی در شهرهای مختلف اروپا برگزار کرد و در فوریه* ۱۹۶۵ برای تهیه*ی اپرای "لوچیا دی لامرمور" به میامی آمریکا رفت.

    در آن اپرا، جان سادرلند، خواننده* سوپرانوی مشهور استرالیایی، نیز پاواروتی را همراهی می *کرد و نقش لوچیا را بر عهده داشت.

    در فوریه* ۱۹۷۲ پاواروتی بار دیگر در همکاری با سادرلند اجرایی از اپرای "دختر گروه" را در موزه* متروپولیتن نیویورک به روی صحنه برد و بسیار درخشید.

    پاواروتی تا سال ۲۰۰۴ تورهای خداحافظی خود را در سراسر جهان به اجرا می گذاشت اما به دلیل بیماریش آن را نیمه کاره گذاشت.

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