Zinat al Sadat Pirzadeh, born in the city Sari in the Mazandaran province in the north of Iran, is a Swedish-Iranian comedian, actress and writer. She is probably the first female stand-up comedian ever from Iran.

Pirzadeh reached Sweden in 1991 and was granted permanent residence permission after three years. She has worked with eldery care, modeling and within education as a school councilor before she established herself on the Swedish stand up scene. Today she is a well known face in Sweden.

Pirzadeh writes poetry and fiction as well as texts for radio, newspapers and magazines and is currently working on her novel The Maiden and The Wolf which is to be published by Swedish publishing giant Piratförlaget.

She has acted in a couple of Swedish feature films that are to be released in 2007: "Se upp för dårarna" where she plays against Turkish star Korhan Abay; and "Det tysta skriket", and is already engaged for other film projects.


I said, I long for you
You said, longing is good

I said, I love you
You said, to love is a way of living

I said, I want to have you
You said, wanting to have suffocates your soul

I said, you are my freedom
You said, that gift is for you to give and take

I said, I desire you
You said, desire is a part of the journey of love

I said, I feel your scent when I close my eyes
You said, that is your soul at bloom

I said, you are my morning sun
You said, the sun lives in your nights

I said, let me, let me carry your yearning
You said, too late, you already are

A Rose

Do you want a rose?
There are no roses in this poem!

Do you want a hug?
There are no hugs either

There are butterflies and watermelons in this poem!
Here, have some watermelon!

But roses come first with love


No one has come so close
Without even an embrace
No one has made my tears fall so
Without even hurting me
And treated me to joyous laughter
Without even being nearby
I beat, I banged, I beat on your door
You asked who are you, I said your friend.
You said; Come in my friend!
No one has made me feel so welcome
Without even having been in his home.
I beat, I banged, I beat on your door
But you opened your heart!
Thank you my friend


Close all doors, close all windows
I am haunted by love
My frail body, my broken soul, my tired heart
cannot carry so much emotion
I die from love, I die from you, but you are my life!
Close all doors…