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    Lightbulb Shiva Rose

    Dylan McDermott and his wife of nearly 12 years, actress Shiva Rose, have separated, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

    McDermott, 45, and Rose, 38, have been married since 1995 and have two daughters, 11-year-old Collette and 2-year-old Charlotte.

    In a 2001 interview with Diane Sawyer, McDermott says he saw Shiva in a coffee shop and was instantly smitten. "I was in love with her right away," he said. "For her, it was a little longer, you know, a couple of years. But for me, it was right away. I guess it was grace."

    McDermott, who played defense attorney Bobby Donnell on The Practice, is back on primetime in the new ABC drama Big Shots alongside Michael Vartan, Joshua Molina and Christopher Titus.

    Rose recently starred in the romantic comedy David and Layla opposite David Moscow.

    Shiva Rose Gharibafshar (born 8 February 1972 in Santa Monica, California) is an American actress.

    Of Irish and Persian descent, she is married to American actor Dylan McDermott. They have two daughters, Colette and Charlotte. On September 27, 2007, People magazine confirmed that Rose and McDermott have separated.

    Her father, Parviz Gharibafshar, was a popular television personality in his native Iran.


    "Las Vegas" .... Azin Samari (1 episode, 2007)
    - The Burning Bedouin (2007) TV Episode .... Azin Samari
    "CSI: Miami" .... Sonya Barak / ... (2 episodes, 2006)
    - Backstabbers (2006) TV Episode .... Sonya Barak
    - Going, Going, Gone (2006) TV Episode .... Sonya Moreta
    David & Layla (2006) .... Layla
    Prospect (2004) .... Red
    Woman at the Beach (2004) (as Shiva Rose McDermott) .... Yvette
    Myron's Movie (2004) (as Shiva Rose McDermott) .... Toni
    DysEnchanted (2004) (as Shiva Rose McDermott) .... Snow White
    Red Roses and Petrol (2003) (as Shiva Rose McDermott) .... Evie
    "The Division" .... Irina Maldova (1 episode, 2003)
    ... aka Heart of the City
    - Rush to Judgment (2003) TV Episode (as Shiva Rose McDermott) .... Irina Maldova
    The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest (2002) .... Torso
    13 Moons (2002) .... Lola
    "Gideon's Crossing" .... Reporter Girlfriend (1 episode, 2001)
    - The Race (2001) TV Episode .... Reporter Girlfriend
    61* (2001) (TV) .... Toot's Girl
    ... aka 61 (USA)
    Black Days (2001) .... Gwen

    How to Get Laid at the End of the World (1999) .... Sally Mae
    "The Practice" .... Sally Bader (1 episode, 1998
    - The Battlefield (1998 TV Episode .... Sally Bader

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    Making a full feature movie like David and Layla is quite an achievement specially for Iranians in Hollywood. But it was made in only 23 days! Can you tell us about the difficulties you experienced in making this film? Any memorable trials and tribulations youíd care to share?

    Making David and Layla was challenging since it was shot during the hot humid summer months in New York City and Brooklyn. It was difficult trying to keep our makeup looking fresh. It was also a crazy schedule shooting long hours through the night. Iím so relieved that the film looks as good as it does, thanks to our amazing director of photography, Harlen. Now we can look back and realize all the hard work was worth it. I suppose one day that seems to stand out the most, is our first day of shooting that was done in a slaughter house. It was so hot, and sticky and the smell of death and blood was rampant. It was especially challenging since I am a vegetarian, and I had to act as if I was buying a chicken to slaughter. But then, it was Laylaís world and that made it bearable.

    Youíre half Iranian and half American. How has that affected your ability to get parts in Hollywood?

    it is very interesting seeing what has changed in the industry regarding middle Eastern actors. When I first began acting, parts for Iranians were very very rare. Now it seems middle Eastern characters are becoming more mainstream, The only issue I come across is that I may not be Iranian looking enough for some casting directors. Of course as Iranians we know this is ridiculous since Iranians have much diversity in the way they can look from one region to another. I also have an issue playing terrorist types. So sometimes this can limit what kind of roles I can be up for

    Given the political climate in the country at the moment, this film is a timely look at other cultures. Do you feel it can or has made a difference in the way voters may react? If so, how. (Please elaborate as you wish).

    Iím sure this film can give Americans another view on what an Iraqi citizen is like. I play a Kurdish refugee, and many people in the states donít know the historical context that colors the lives of Kurds. Hopefully this film can also shed light to the Kurdish plight

    Your father is the beloved Iranian talk show host, Parvis Gharibafshar. Back in the 80ís (?) I remember him bragging about his daughter who was in a play at UCLA. Did you always want to be an actor and/or did you feel a sort of obligation to carry on in your fatherís footsteps/or did he try and talk you out of it?

    Yes, I have always wanted to be an actor. Since watching old movies as a child and being involved with theater. Iím sure growing up on television sets with my father added my comfort level. My father never tried to sway me away from being an actor, but he made sure I knew how vital an education was. I attended UCLA which is also where my father went.

    Iím sure every Iranian girl out there thinks the same thing: What was your fatherís reaction (or yours) to your somewhat unconventional love scene in David & Layla?

    Yes I was very worried about the love scenes in David and Layla however, I had to keep reminding myself that as an actor my job is to tell the writers story as best as I can. It is still very difficult to watch those scenes and when my father was in the theater I had to leave. I suppose even being a woman in her thirties, with two children, still doesnít take that shyness away

    In additional to being an actor, youíre a mother and you seem to be have an avaricious interest in fashion (Iíve heard about the cool fashion parties at your house). But youíve also been arrested for your political beliefs. (which I think is even cooler). Can you tell us about that?

    I am involved very much in the fashion world. I suppose fashion is my hobby. I have such a deep attraction to vintage clothing. For years people thought it was a bit eccentric, but now vintage is really popular. I will actually be designing a line of rings called Braydon-Rose that is very vintage looking. They are called princess rings and have multi colored gems. Hopefully this will evolve into a clothing line.

    I am also very political though now that the tide has turned against the Bush administration, I donít feel as compelled to get arrested. Years ago I really felt as if my screams against the war in Iraq were falling on deaf ears. My first arrest was five years ago before the war started. My most recent was last year where I had to spend 8 hours in jail.

    Iím not sure why I get so passionate about was. It is probably due to being a mother and feeling the pain of all those people who have lost their loved ones for nothing but ego, oil and politics. Now I try to raise money for various organizations. My favorite now being No More Victims. They are an incredible group that brings Iraqi children who have been maimed by US bombs here for surgery or treatment. You can watch the moving video on them on

    Whatís next for you professionally? Are you going to do the TV cooking show youíve talked about , or write that book? What would be your thesis?

    I am also currently doing a play in Los Angeles called The Time Of Your Life. Later this spring I will be in the play My Antonia based on the book by Will Cather. These plays are both really lovely works that illuminate humanity.

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    ęشیوا رز مک درموتĽ (Shiva Rose McDermott)، هنرپیشه دوملیتی سینمای آمریکا، در گفت و گو با بخش هنری شبکه فاکس نیوز به ęایرانی بودنĽ خود افتخار کرد و در عین حال ęتروریست نامیدنĽ ایرانی ها از سوی غرب را بزرگترین سوء برداشت نسبت به آنها دانست.

    به گزارش عصر ایران شیوا که تاکنون در چندین فیلم آمریکایی ایفای نقش کرده است در حاشیه یک نمایشگاه سالانه در لس آنجلس به خبرنگار هنری فاکس نیوز گفت: "بهترین خصیصه ایرانی بودن، فرهنگ غنی و مردم مهربان آن است."

    همسر ęدیلان مک درموتĽ هنرپیشه مرد آمریکایی با انتقاد از نگاه غرض ورزانه غربی ها به مردم ایران گفت: "بزرگترین سوءبرداشت نسبت به مردم ایران در حال حاضر این است که همه فکر می کنند آنها تروریست هستند در حالی که اینگونه نیست."

    شیوا که دختر یکی از شخصیت ها و مجریان تلویزیونی ایرانی در آمریکاست ، اعتقاد دارد که حداقل از یک منظر ایران ، بسیار جلوتر از آمریکاست و آن درصد مشارکت زنان در امور سیاسی است.

    این هنرپیشه ایرانی Ė آمریکایی با مقایسه دو کشور در این زمینه می گوید: "نکته شگفت آور این است که اغلب مردم نمی دانند شمار زنان در مجلس ایران از تعداد مشابه در آمریکا بیشتر است."

    درباره شیوا رز

    ęشیوا رز مک درموتĽ، متولد سال 1969 در سانتامونیکا کالیفرنیا و هنرپیشه فیلم های آمریکایی است. وی دارای پدر ایرانی و مادر ایرلندی است. پدر او، قریب افشار، در حال حاضر یکی از مجریان و تهیه کنندگان تلویزیونی در آمریکاست.

    شیوا که قبلاً با دیلان مک درموت هنرپیشه آمریکایی ازدواج کرده بود اوایل 2009 به طور رسمی از او جدا شد. ماحصل این ازدواج دو فرزند دختر است.

    وی تاکنون در چندین فیلم و سریال آمریکایی ایفای نقش کرده است.

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