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Thread: Shaquille O'Neal's Ex: Show Me The Money

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    It's getting nasty.

    Shaquille O'Neal's estranged wife Shaunie is demanding access to detailed financial records from the NBA superstar.

    According to the documents filed in Miami on Oct. 30 and posted on, Shaunie, 32 a local TV personality is requesting copies of the basketball star's $20-million-a-year contract with the Miami Heat and all tax records.

    She's also seeking a thorough accounting of their household expenses, everything from school tuition to "pet expenses," "lunch money" and "vitamins."

    But it was Shaq, 35, who first accused his wife of financial funny business. When the basketball star filed for divorce in September, the petition claimed his wife-of-five-years had been "secretive about her assets" and demanded a "correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities (including bearer securities)" she acquired during the marriage.

    The couple, who wed in 2002, have four children together: Shareef, 7, Amirah, 5, Shaqir, 4, and Me'Arah, 1. Shaq also has a daughter, Taahirah, from an earlier relationship and Shaunie has a son, Myles.

    Basketball star SHAQUILLE O'NEAL's estranged wife SHAUNIE NELSON has filed papers in Florida, demanding to know exactly how much her husband is earning.

    The couple is locked in a divorce battle after their five-year marriage broke down earlier this year (07).

    The Miami Heat player, 35, filed a divorce petition against Nelson in Florida last month (Sep07) accusing his wife of being "secretive about her assets...
    particularly with respect to certain properties owned or titled in either (her) name alone or in other entities".

    But Nelson now wants to examine her ex's financial details in more detail, particularly his multi-million dollar NBA contract, which is rumoured to be worth up to $100 million (50 million), according to

    The papers were filed in a Miami-Dade court on Tuesday (06Nov07).

    O'Neal and Nelson have four children together: Shareef, seven; Amirah, five; Shaqir, four; and Me'Arah, one.

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