"I must break you", were the spine tingling words that were uttered around the world when Rocky IV hit the box office during the 80's, a time when action heroes ruled supreme. The knuckles on your hands would turn white as you clutched the end of the seat watching the intimidating Ivan Drago look down on Rocky appearing like he was about to drop him like a pair of soggy underpants around the ankles.

Dolph Lundgren looked very impressive when stacking the odds of him taking down Sly in the rounds that were about to unfold, and this was mainly due to the extremely developed muscle that held onto Lundgren like a couple of bantamweights wrapped around his 6'3" frame.

Women drooled over his razor jaw line and serrated abs... and come to think of it, so did the guys. Everyone wanted to have his perfectly proportioned physique knowing that this was something the female counterpart longed to have as a cuddling cushion.

Another heavyweight giant, Bodybuilding.com, organized a rendezvous point with Dolph, a martial arts legend, in LA so we could provide you with an all access pass to The Universal Soldier, He-Man, Ivan Drago and his workout regime, which at 51 years old, preserves him like a top-shelf vintage wine - getting better with age.

Being both of Swedish heritages and interviewing someone who is a national icon was an honor that will stay with me for the rest of my life. But this was only highlighted by the fact that Dolph is a very humble, witty and a very approachable individual that radiates positive influence... oh, and did I mention he is even more handsome in person?

Dolph trains in Equinox gym in Westwood which proved to be the perfect stomping ground for our photo shoot. Free weights, state of the art machines, a swimming pool, punch pads and of course a martial art studio was all the toys needed for the Swedish machine to showcase his multi-crafts of talent to develop the accompanying images.

The towering figure greeted us within the foyer of Equinox wearing a Spanish martial arts tracksuit as it would appear that Dolph is the leader of the national karate team in the country he now resides. Looking like a man in his 30's rather than his 50's, Lundgren is the poster boy of precise nutrition, supplementation and exercise application that he has practiced for over 35 years.

His martial arts agility and speed is still so fast that the trigger finger of the photographer eventually had to hold the "repeat" button down in order to capture the pictures of his ferocious power with precision. His trainer vouched for Lundgren's intensity when he strapped a padded abdominal and kidney protector to himself due to the amount of bruising he received on their last sparring session.

The pad and punch bag work combined with his routine stretch was to be the perfect warm-up for the resistance regime that ensued before cooling down with laps of the pool. As we sat in the sweltering LA heat, Dolph rehydrated with a protein and carbohydrate drink whilst I interviewed him for your reading pleasure, your curiosity on how he prepared for Rocky IV, and how he still maintains his awesome appearance at 51 years old.