Thighs! Butt! You don't need to keep them hidden any more. All you need to do is follow our routine. Start with this program at least three months before the wedding day and you will be amazed with the results: Tight butt and thighs, and a strong boost in confidence!

It is imperative that you follow an adequate and well balanced diet to get the best results from this program.



Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart; place the barbell on the rear part of your shoulders. Flex at the hip and then bend your knees and go all the way down as if sitting on a chair until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend your torso forward if you feel that your heels are unstable on the ground. Then get back to the initial position without locking your knees at the end of the movement.

Leg Press:

Lie down on your back on the Leg Press Machine's seat. Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the plate. Push the load with both feet equally and unlock the safety pads. Lower the load in a controlled manner till you reach a 90 degree angle formed by your calves and hamstrings at your knee joint. Then push it back to the starting position without locking out your knees.

Stiff-Leg Deadlift:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding the barbell in your lowered arms, in front of you. Bend forward at the waist by flexing the hip. Keep your back flat and your head up. Tighten your buttocks and lock your knees while bending forward. Stop going down when you feel your hamstrings fully stretched and go back to the starting position.


Hold a pair of dumbbells in your lowered arms beside your body, palms facing your body. Place one foot in front of the other. Bend your rear knee and direct it towards the floor. Do not force your front knee to go forward. Repeat the movement without moving your legs.

Leg Curl:

Lie face down on the leg curl machine. Place your knees in front of the bench's edge. Place your Achilles tendon (Located below the calves) under the pads. Flex your knees while tightening your glutes in order to lift the weight.

Leg Extension:

Sit on the leg extension machine with your back supported on the machine's chair and your feet behind the padded bar, at ankle level. Extend your legs by straightening them at the knee joints. Hold extended position for one second and then slowly return to the initial position.

Hip Abduction:

Sit on the hip abduction machine. The outer side of your knees must be placed on the pads and your feet fixed on the machine's platforms. Open and close your legs against the selected resistance.

Hip Adduction

Sit on the abduction machine. The inner side of your knees must be placed on the pads and your feet fixed on the machine's platforms. Adjust the pads' width. Start by closing your legs and then return to the starting position.

Standing Calf Raise

Position yourself on the calf machine while placing your shoulders under the pad and the heels off the edge. Start lifting up and down with your toes while keeping your back straight and your knees locked out.

Seated Calf Raise

Sit on the seated calf machine and place your knees under the pad with a 90 degree angle between your calves and hamstrings (rear thighs). Keep your heels outside the platform. Release the brake and start raising the load up and down with your toes.


So if you are a beginner start with a minimum weight and increase it gradually as you improve and progress in the program. After experiencing the available machines, select the load so you can perform the suggested number of repetitions, but not more.