In times when people are losing their jobs, those that have them should do all that they can to make sure they keep them (especially in light of the fact that States are saying they may not be able to pay out jobless benefits to those that have paid into it).

Here are 5 things "experts" say you should never say/do at work:

5) Talk about how stressed out (or busy) you are.

4) Discuss the fact that you haven't gotten a raise (many companies are now dolling out raised based on productivity as opposed to longevity)

3) Refrain from starting any sentence with, "Don't tell anyone I said this..."

2) Never begrudgingly say you "don't mind helping" when indeed you do.

1) Never say, "That's not my job..." (If you're union, I'm not sure how you can abide by this most of their existence involves pointing out that things aren't in their job description...)