Three days ago I was thinking about the idea of how would be the men's life if his penis had a brain. Maybe, we would have the capacity to "think twice" before taking any sexual decision.

Or better, the penis had the capacity of making his own decisions independently of our primary brain.

Don't be confuse, I do not talk about his ( the penis) personal senses like: listen, see or taste; I "talk" about his capacity of taking control over sex' situation. This "power" would result in bad and good things. Of course.."bad things" can be "good" if the penis' owner wants to be in a particular situation.

What if we had that second brain?


More fidelity: the penis does not want penetrate another woman.

Ejaculation control: 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes...the penis takes the decision.

Ejaculation without sperms: you do not have to think about pregnancy again (if you do not want).

Harder erections: because the 2dn brain controls it.

Bigger glans: we need more space to accommodate the 2nd brain.

Independent movement of the penis: we do not need to spend extra energy with the whole body movements.

Learn from errors: the penis does not make the same errors again.

Separate sexual thoughts: our primary brain forgets about sex and let the second one makes his work. The primary one can focus on work, money, sports and video games.


No masturbation: the penis does not want to spend extra energy without a real vagina.

No anal sex: the penis does not want to enter in another hole.

No pee on streets: an educated penis would know that is not the correct place to do that.

Double headache: it could be a problem when both brains feel the pain.

Hair on the glans: who knows? it can grow hair on this area. Ugly!!!

No bad breath oral sex: this does not need explanations.

So, do you take the risk of having a second brain inside your penis? Obviously, this is Sci-Fi...but a moment of entertainment is not bad...

Have a nice day!!! .