Being a travel agent can help you to start a good home based business or find a work at home job, depending on what kind of travel agent you would like to be. There are numerous Internet travel agencies that offer training, certifications and the opportunity to own your own travel agency.

Online travel agentsí job functions can vary, from assisting with booking and selling reservations to referring customers to travel booking sites, where you receive a portion of the commission. The following steps can help you become a travel agent online.

Research travel schools and education. Get travel agent training from colleges or independent travel agent training schools.

certificates in travel and hospitality and can provide a broad or in-depth study of all aspects of the travel and hospitality industry.

Travel agent training schools, on the other hand, can offer more accelerated programs specific to the duties of a travel agent, such as understanding travel destinations, reservation systems and sales and marketing.

Get certified. Certification shows your customers that you have met standards and professional ethics set by a certifying authority or institution in your field of study. The travel industry has several certifying bodies that are widely recognized.

The Travel Institute offers several certification programs (Certified Travel Counselor, Certified Travel Associate or Certified Travel Industry Executive).

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) also offers certification programs that are well respected and recognized in the travel industry.

3Find a job. To become a travel agent online, find a home based job with a travel agency, or find a host agency to help you operate your travel agency business.
Work with an established travel agency. Many travel agencies allow you to be home based, working online with their resources and computerized systems. The advantage is that you can be a direct employee with the support, resources, salary and benefits the agency offers.

Find a host agency to start your own independent travel agency. A host agency offers travel agents services, marketing support, back office support and access to reservation portals and travel suppliers. If you work with a host agency, you work entirely on commission.

4Find out about travel agent registration requirements in your state or country. Some states in the United States require travel agents to be registered as a travel seller. This regulatory requirement helps protect the consumer and ensures that travel agencies have followed the laws for selling travel. Also, countries like Australia have licensing requirements for travel agents that you should be aware of when starting your travel agent online

Make sure you check with your government for local regulations.5Join travel associations, societies and organizations. Joining travel associations is a great way to stay connected to the news and trends in the travel industry. Travel associations can also offer support and continuing education to their members.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)/International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) are important organizations to join if you will be booking airline tickets as a travel agent online.

There are a number of host travel agencies that offer questionable business opportunities and tout great financial rewards with little training. You will want to do careful research of a host travel agencies before joining.