Something else that women adore about tin cup necklaces is that they are so easy to personalize. Think about it: you can completely customize almost every aspect of the necklace, from the length of the chain to the diameter of the pearls to even the color of the pearls. If you love warm rich colors, a gold or gold filled chain can be paired with large tiffany rings sale colored pearls for a necklace with an incomparably rich glow. For drama, black pearls can be spaced along a glittering silver chain. Or simply choose the timeless original: white pearls floating along a delicate silver chain.
It turns out that there are as many reasons to love a tin cup necklace as there are gorgeous versions from which to choose. No wonder that year in and year out, when women are searching for that one perfect piece to add to their jewelry collection, they pick the necklace popularized by the film “Tin Cup”.
Jewelry is one of the must-have accessories for any season. Following the latest trends in jewelry can be a lot of fun, because it is often simply a matter of combining pieces that you already have in fresh new ways to achieve a chic and stylish look. One of the most versatile pieces to use when creating a contemporary style is the tin cup necklace. This is a peek at the newest trends in tin cup necklaces, and how you can wear yours just like a air max 2011.

Pearls are hotter than ever this year! They have been seen all over the red carpet in Hollywood, at the trendiest spots in New York, and even on powerful politicians in Washington, D.C. (I am sure I am not the only one who is completely mesmerized by the astonishing Tahitian pearl necklaces worn by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi!). The great thing is that the trend for pearl necklaces this year is to wear them in a way that is more funky and exuberant than traditional or buttoned-up. As much as I adore the classic look of a strand of Akoya pearls worn with a twinset, this is not the way in which pearls are being shown. They have gone downtown and creative; these are not your grandmother’s demure graduated pearl coach purses outlet.

In Style magazine reported this fall that an “instant outfit-maker” is to pile on layers of pearls, like celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker. A tin cup necklace is the perfect foundation for the layered look. The openness of the spaced pearls make it light enough to combine with other pieces without ever looking overdone. The really neat thing about combining a pearl tin cup necklace with other necklaces is that you can mix in both strands of pearls and silver or gold chains; since the floating pearl style features both elements, it makes the perfect addition to tie the entire collection together. After all, the trend is to be a little eclectic, but not mismatched.

While you are experimenting with creating your own coach bags outlet look with tin cup necklaces, don’t forget to mix up different lengths and even pearl colors. Celebrities such as singer Rhianna know that a jumble of long white ropes of pearls is the perfect way to add drama to an all black outfit. The dark color of Tahitian pearls is favored by movie star Angelina Jolie, and First Lady Michelle Obama does a fantastic job of mixing up black, white, and grey pearls in layered necklaces. Play around a little by combining your favorite pearl necklaces with a new piece or two, and before you know it, you will be looking as fabulous as a celebrity!
The timeless beauty of a pearl tin cup necklace is an absolute classic. The versatility and style of a floating pearl necklace also happen to make it an ideal gift for women of every age and for numerous events. These are some of the special occasions for which tin cup necklaces are the perfect gift tiffany necklace sale.