Remember those add-a-pearl necklaces that we all had as kids? The piece started off with one pearl, and each year, another pair of pearls would be added to each side of the original tiffany necklace sale. The idea was that by the time the young girl had grown, she would have a full pearl necklace to wear. The reality, however, is that by the time you factor in all the labor to restring the necklace with the new pearls year after year, the add-a-pearl necklace is no bargain.
Not to mention which, by the time the owner has grown up, the tiny little pearls will make the add-a-pearl necklace look exactly like the child-sized jewelry that it is – meaning that it is not likely to be something that would be worn by an adult. A much better idea is to give a young lady a piece of jewelry that she can grow into, such as a pearl tin cup necklace. The delicate spacing of the pearls makes the necklace dainty enough for a girl, yet the style is one that she will still adore when she is a sophisticated adult. This is why a pearl station necklace is an ideal gift for a birthday, coach bags outlet, First Communion, or graduation.
Tin cup necklaces are always a favorite for weddings. Created in lustrous white pearls, they are a marvelous classic style to complement any bridal gown. A floating pearl necklace is just the thing for a bride who loves pearls, but prefers something more unique than the traditional strand. The tin cup necklace is both fresh and classic, making it the perfect finishing touch for brides. It is an equally popular gift idea for bridesmaids. Beautiful pearl station necklaces can be made in elegant white pearls, or can be customized in Swarovski pearls in colors to coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses. Best of all, this is a wedding gift that the bridesmaids will actually enjoy wearing again later!
Finally, don’t overlook the floating pearl necklace for anniversaries. Especially appropriate? The tenth wedding anniversary, for which the traditional gift is tin. What better type of tin than a fabulous tin cup necklace? Any wife would appreciate the beauty of the pearl station coach purses outlet for her anniversary. Not only that, but a tin cup necklace can so easily be dressed up for special occasions or worn more casually for everyday use that it is sure to be one of her all-time favorite pieces of jewelry. You can’t do much better than that when shopping for a gift to commemorate a special occasion, or simply a present to say, “I love you”.
The tin cup, or floating pearl, necklace is one of the most essential pieces to have in your jewelry box. One of the truly unique things about a pearl station necklace is that it can be specially handcrafted to suit your own needs and personal style. Here is what you need to know to work with a jeweler to design a tin cup necklace of your very own.
The first step when having a custom piece of air max 2011 created is to consider the occasion. Are you shopping for a classic necklace that you can wear everyday? Or maybe you have a special event on the horizon, such as your wedding. Tin cup necklaces are perennial favorites with brides, both for themselves and as bridesmaid gifts. Perhaps you are going to be attending a party or wedding, and need that perfect piece of jewelry to complete your look. Whatever the reason, you will find that your tin cup necklace becomes one of your “go-to” pieces every time that you pull out your jewelry box. Floating pearl necklaces are one of the few styles that are versatile enough to work for both formal and informal occasions.
Next, you will get to choose the type and color of pearl that you would like for your necklace. The most traditional is the white Akoya (saltwater) pearl. Freshwater pearls are extremely popular for tin cup necklaces due to their beauty and affordability. Swarovski pearls are often selected when the station necklaces are being designed for a bridal party as they are available in a lovely range of colors and are very reasonably tiffany rings sale. If you are designing a necklace for a black tie event, consider opting for dramatic black pearls. Classic white or ivory pearls are ideal for brides as well as for casual occasions, and soft pastels like rose and peach are incredibly flattering against the skin. You will also be able to select a diameter for the pearls – the most popular sizes tend to be 6 or 8mm.