Once you have selected the perfect tiffany rings sale for your illusion necklace, it is on to the chain. Most tin cup necklaces will be created on sterling silver or 14kt gold or gold filled chains. When choosing the precious metal for your piece, the deciding factors will be price, skin tone, and the color of the pearls. Sterling silver has a gorgeous soft glow and an affordable cost that make it perfect for bridesmaid jewelry gifts and casual everyday pieces. The rich tone of a gold chain on a spaced pearl necklace adds an upscale flair that is wonderful for dressy occasions, and that blends especially well with warm colored pearls such as bronze or copper. This style of necklace is intended to be worn close to the neck, so 16″ and 18″ are the most common lengths.
After all of the other decisions have been made about your customized pearl tin cup necklace, you will have the fun of choosing the “extras”. Do you want to have your necklace made with a drop for added drama? Or air max 2011 you would like to complete the set with a matching tin cup style bracelet and classic pair of pearl earrings. Some women prefer to have two floating pearl necklaces made which can be worn singly or as a set: one in black pearls and one in white. This gives you the ultimate in versatility. As soon as your personalized illusion necklaces are ready, you will have the pleasure of wearing them!
The tin cup necklace, which features pearls spaced along a fine chain, is one of the most beloved styles of jewelry. Have you ever wondered about the origins of the design, and why floating pearl necklaces became so popular? If so, you are in luck, because this is the history behind the iconic necklace.
One thing that puzzles many people about the tin cup necklace is how it got its name. What on earth does a tin cup have to do with a beautiful pearl necklace?, you may wonder. The answer is that the style was featured in the 1996 movie “Tin Cup” starring Kevin Costner and Renee Russo. The film is about the romance that develops between golf pro Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy (Costner) and psychologist Dr. Molly Griswold, played by coach purses outlet. The movie was generally well reviewed, but its enduring legacy is the white pearl illusion necklace worn by Russo.
The famous necklace was designed for the film by Wendy Brigode, a jewelry designer who got her start in Hollywood as a personal stylist to the stars. The pearl station necklace made famous by “Tin Cup” was originally created by Brigode as an alternative to the heavier look of traditional pearl strands. She designed the floating pearl piece to be a modern and ageless option for women who loved pearls, but not the high price tag or old-fashioned image associated with the classic strand. When Russo’s character wore the necklace on film, women everywhere became enamored of the versatile style, and the tin cup necklace became that rare thing: an instant modern classic.
Excitement for tin cup necklaces grew as Renee Russo wore another floating pearl necklace in the movie “Ransom”, which was released just a few months after “Tin Cup” in 1996. Ironically, costume coach bags outlet for both films selected one of Brigode’s pearl illusion necklaces for Russo, without knowing that she was wearing one in another movie. I guess that if the timing had been slightly different, we would refer to the floating pearl necklace as the “ransom”, rather than the “tin cup”!
The stylish and collectible tin cup necklaces quickly became a hot accessory for television and print media. Appearances in chic magazines such as Town and Country and in the top television hits of the ’90s like “Seinfeld” and “Beverly Hills, 90210″ ensured that the pearl station necklace would soon be the must-have item for every stylish woman. Unlike other trends, this one proved to have enduring power, and before long, women were able to select from tin cup necklaces which were created not only from the 7-8mm white pearls used in the original, but in beautiful freshwater pearls, affordable Swarovski pearls, and luxurious Tahitian tiffany necklace sale. Over a decade later, the tin cup necklace remains a favorite for both special occasions and everyday wear of women around the world. And to think that it all started with a golf movie!