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Thread: Plastic surgery (beauty)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg666 View Post
    in dar morede dokhtaraye irani doroste...inam baraye ineke khodeshoon mikhan ke oontor bashan..digeh too iran ja oftade ke damagho amali neshoon bedano abrooha va chesharo ta farghe sareshhon bekeshan!...
    meymoon ke zeshtare, baazish bishtare.

    thats all i can say.

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    ey val hal kardam maryam jan....in harfeto bayad doctor ha sar dare matabeshoon bezanan...
    Love like you never got hurt
    work like you don't need the money
    Dance like no one is watching

    تا عاقلان راهی برای یکبار خندیدن پیدا کنند دیوانگان هزار بار خندیده اند

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