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Thread: Michael Niavarani

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    Michael Niavarani

    Michael Niavarani was born in 1968 in Vienna and is the product of persian and austrian parents. In 1983 he appeared for the first time on stage at the theatre in Aversperg. In 1986 he started his professional training with Dany Sigel and Michael Mohapp and soon became one of the most popular artists in theatre, film and TV. Michael's delightful mixture of purest Viennese vernacular and Persian fantasy (or mystery) can be appreciated in the 'Jek Shabe Irani', the Austrian-Persian comedy show available on CD. In 1993 he followed Martin Flossmann to the cabaret 'Simpl' as artistic director, author and performer. It was an excellent appointment and brought consistent success to both himself and the Simpl. Michael Niavarani is delightful to know off-stage, too courteous, charming, interested and interesting. There is not a trace of conceit lesser performers can often display. Married since 1998 to singer, actress and dancer Bettina Soriat, they have one child.

    Here is a comedy clip of one of his works, but its mostly in german:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Michael Niavarani - Dorfers Donnerstalk[/ame]

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    Very nice to know him...thx Nutcase jan :=)

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    tahe motorkhoneye jahanam
    thanx nooshin jan! very interesting!
    نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران

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    صادق هدايت؛ بوف کور

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