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    how do I download the music?

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    just click on the link and away you go! A box will pop up asking if you want to open or save or cancel, click save, then save in a folder that will be your music folder or on your desktop (you can delete later) and then you should begin downloading. hope that helps

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    yes, it does. Thanks!

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    gole yakh

    do u know where I post movie requests?

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    total points?

    what does "Total points" mean?

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    why i have problem downloading only with this sight and only movies/?

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    Quote Originally Posted by salofnewyork View Post
    why i have problem downloading only with this sight and only movies/?
    Strange !

    Maybe you have aproblem with the server or with your speed of Pc !

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    tahe motorkhoneye jahanam
    it may also be from his firewall! or download manager you use!
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