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Can Sex Affect Your Bodybuilding Gains?

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  • Can Sex Affect Your Bodybuilding Gains?

    Human beings are sexual beings.

    Human sexuality used to be the providence of religion and philosophy but modern science has made sexuality the object of independent objective study.

    Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud believed that sexuality and the sexual force forms the basis of the human psyche [soul / mind] and drives human behavior. His psychoanalytic theory of personality serves as the basis of modern psychology.

    Psychoanalytic personality theory states that ID - the primal element of the unconscious mind - controls survival needs and drives behaviour toward obtaining pleasure and satisfying basic needs. To this end, ID controls the survival mechanisms of the human psyche - the forces of life and death.

    Modern psychology has displaced psychoanalytic theory and has replaced it with Maslows' Hierarchy of Needs and drive-reduction-theory.

    Drive-reduction-theory states that human beings are driven to satisfy physical or psychological needs. The Hierarchy of Needs orders the sequence in which people seek the satisfaction of their needs. Used together, the two theories allow for a scientific understanding of human behaviour.

    Whereas Freud stated that "anatomy is destiny" and that life's purpose is to live, to reproduce, and to die, modern psychology states that human beings seek to live life richly, and that a satisfying life is made possible by first satisfying physical needs, and then moving on to satisfy psychological needs. Modern psychology also contends that human beings have free choice.

    However, freedom demands responsibility and brings risk - we also have the freedom to make wrong choices, and the responsibility to deal with the consequences. The free road is fraught with danger.

    Nowhere is freedom more important and danger more apparent than with issues of sexuality. Applied correctly, healthy sexual activity can enhance immune function, mental health and quality of life. Unhealthy sexual acts can reap consequences ranging from physical injury and psychosis, to AIDS, to death.

    The correct application of healthy sexual practice can enhance mental health, physical function and quality of life; the incorrect application of sexual practice, or even the incorrect application of healthy sexual practice, can impair immune function and decrease anabolic and androgenic hormone levels that contribute to muscle growth.

    Can healthy sexual practice improve your immune-system? Can healthy sexual practice improve quality of life? Can healthy sexual practice improve your physical function - including athletic performance - by helping you build more muscle? The answer to these questions is: yes.

    Many athletes have questions about sexual practice, and how sexual practice is applied so as to maximize immune-function, physical performance and quality of life. Should an athlete abstain the night prior to a competition? Should the athlete partake? Does sexual activity increase or decrease testosterone levels? The answers to these questions are in scientific literature.

    This article will examine the latest research on sexual practice and its application within the context of an athletic training program.

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